EPE foam sheet production line
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EPE foam sheet production line




  EPE foam sheet is the new type flexible packaging materials,It has the elasticity well,anti-impact etc.characteristic,also has the fine reduced pressure, the quakeproof performance, moreover the cost is low, the scale is high, has become in the market the popular new environmental protection packing material, It’s widely applied in the domestic electric appliances, the computer, the electronic instrument instrument, the bicycle, each kind of furniture, the leather shoes, the vitro ceram household utensils and so on many kinds of product packing.


  Our factory produce the EPE foam sheet(EPE) production line design science, the structure are reasonable, the disposition is advanced and energy,conservation is highly effective; This production line use temperature controls automation, the ease of operation, the movement is steady, security electricity saving, product quality stable reliable, but continuous production each kind of specification foaming sheet material..


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