Full automatic hydraulic pressure packing machine
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Full automatic hydraulic pressure packing machine


Equipment Features:


Hydraulic Configuration: The hydraulic circuit system uses renewable oil and is low-noise. The equipment uses imported high-qualified components, which ensures the high quality and low cost as well as equipment’s stable performance.


Electric Appliance: The equipment uses PLC control to simplify the electrical circuit. The failure rate is low. And it is easy to examine and fix the equipment.


Shear Knife: It uses the international scissor design, which improves cutting efficiency and extends blade’s work life.


Wire Device: It uses the international latest wire device. It saves iron wire and improve the bundling speed. Its failure rate is low and it is easy to clean and maintain.


Conveyer: The conveyor uses PVC new material which is corrosion resistant and anti-ageing. The advantages include anti-slip, large transmission and load capability and so on.


Length is free to set and packing value can be recorded accurately.


Easy to install and construct the foundation. Foundation reinforcement is unnecessary.




It is mainly used to pack loose materials, such as waste plastics, paper edges, cardboard boxes, straws, wheat straws and so on.

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